A treasure hunt with GPS

Set up the route of your treasure hunt with GPS. Creating it is so simple that a child can do it! Use the Troovie map and set up the most exciting, fun or challenging path you can think of, wherever you want. Start right outside of your doorstep, go to the park or even turn a trip to the supermarket into an adventure!

Play anywhere

Now, you can easily create a route anywhere you want. Start right outside of your doorstep, continue through the park or along the beach, or even set one up on your holiday! Use the Troovie map to create your own path, wherever you want. Even if there are no roads, use the satellite-mode and play on!

At the push of a button

You don’t have to be outside to create a route! That’s history! With Troovie you can set up a route anywhere you want, at the push of a button. Instead of physically setting up a treasure hunt using chalk and signs, you can now plot points on the Troovie map provided by the app. Simply pick a point where you want to change direction and plot it. You can set up an exciting route in under 5 minutes. Super easy.

Duration of play

However much time you have to play, Troovie is always fun! Set up a quick, thirty-minute route around the block or just as easily create a one and a half hour adventure. While creating the route, we’ll ask you for how long you want to play and how many participants are in your group. Troovie can advise you on how long your route needs to be and how many assignments you should choose to match.

Choose a fun destination

You as the parents can choose where to end the route. Let your kids go full circle and end back at your house. Or, to make it exciting, choose your child’s favourite pancake restaurant as the destination of the route. Choose a prize to match and the adventure will be a guaranteed success.