Treasure hunt assignments

With our free app, it’s easy and quick to set up a fun route, full of exciting assignments. All adventures come with ready-made assignments, silly questions and cool, mini games! If you’re inspired and full of creativity, you can also create and add your own assignments!

Ready-made assignments

Troovie is full of fun, ready-made assignments and questions to complete any adventure. All are challenging and exciting, whether two or a whole group of children are playing. No props or other materials are required, just a good mood and enthusiasm!

Different types of assignments

There are four different types of assignments that can be used for the treasure hunt. There’s the choice between completing a task, a time trial, a photo challenge or a multiple-choice question. All four have their own unique character and ensure that any treasure hunt is challenging and interactive.

Do it yourself

Create your own assignments and questions to have a more personal and fun treasure hunt. To get inspired, think of assignments that incorporate fun elements in your neighbourhood (a playground or park near you) or the names of the participants. You can add ready-made, as well as personal assignments and questions, to your route.

More assignments

All assignments are designed to create an awesomely exciting adventure. So make sure to add enough assignments to your treasure hunt and try to match them to your route. Do you want to learn how? Take a look at our own, ready-made assignments for inspiration!