Children’s party for 5 & 6 year olds

With the free Troovie app, you can create a treasure hunt for your children’s party in no time! Experience one of our great adventures; choose fun assignments and awesome prizes. Create a treasure hunt at the push of a button and the entire party can play outside together. Keep an eye on the children; Troovie will take care of the rest.

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Children’s party 5-6 year olds

Children aged five and six have an incredibly vivid imagination. Troovie’s treasure hunt compliments their ability to imagine. We take children on a journey, through a story about escaped monsters that need to be caught or on a quest with captain Jack McTroovey to find a magical treasure. Before you know it, they’ll be playing outside for hours!

Number of participants

To play a Troovie treasure hunt is most fun with up to 6 children per device (mobile or tablet). If the group is bigger: no problem. Use two devices and share the treasure hunt between them. This ensures all children get their turn. The Troovie app alerts the children when it is time to switch turns holding the mobile phone or tablet!

Help with reading

Although Troovie treasure hunts are based on spoken story lines, the assignments are presented in written form on screen. This age group might need a little bit of help with reading and an older sibling would be a helpful companion in that case!

You don’t need anything

Troovie’s ready-made assignments have been developed to suit any treasure hunt so you don’t need anything else. So, besides a good mood and some enthusiasm, nothing else is required to play. Of course, you can always create your own fun assignments as well!