Children’s party for 7 & 8 year olds

With Troovie’s free treasure hunt app, you have a fun alternative for an expensive children’s party. Create a cool treasure hunt at the push of a button. Choose one of our exciting adventures, use challenging ready-made assignments and take the whole group outside to play! Keep an eye on the children; Troovie takes care of the rest.

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Children’s party 7-8 year olds

Children aged seven and eight are full of energy and always ready for an exciting adventure. Troovie’s treasure hunt offers a fun way to release their energy and meet their need for adventure. We take children on a journey, through a story about escaped monsters that need to be caught or on a quest with captain Jack McTroovey to find a magical treasure. The treasure hunt is full of mini games. Children can not only release some energy but also learn how to play together and show how quick, smart and strong they are. Before you know it, they’ll be playing outside for hours!

Number of participants

To play a Troovie treasure hunt is most fun with up to 6 children per device (mobile or tablet). If the group is bigger: no problem. Use two devices and share the treasure hunt between them. This ensures all children get their turn. The Troovie app alerts the children when it is time to switch turns holding the mobile phone or tablet!


When you create a treasure hunt, there are plenty of options to add some of your own creativity. This can really add a lot of fun to your treasure hunt! Create an exciting route along fun locations. Add your own assignments (maybe even add some props or assign a special role for the birthday boy or girl), set up a lot of photo assignments and create a cool visual memento. Make sure to pick a fun prize (set up the local ice cream shop as the end point or receive them back home, to decorate the birthday cake).


This age group could also use some guidance from an adult while the treasure hunt is played (which can also be a lot of fun). Sometimes, children can get so engaged with the treasure hunt that they forget about their surrounding environment. Just let the children figure out how the app works, where the route goes and play along with the assignments!