A prize for your treasure hunt

Playing a treasure hunt on your mobile or tablet is quite an adventure but adding a fun prize at the end really completes the experience! Think of a hidden treasure of candy or maybe being awarded the choice of what’s for dinner that night. With Troovie you get to choose whether you want to give your own prize, choose from one of the standard prizes or award the trophy.

Super trophy

By awarding a trophy, you don’t have to think of your own prize but children can still take a picture to show they’ve completed the treasure hunt successfully! This ready-made prize doesn’t cost a thing but provides a fun photo moment, a nice memory of the treasure hunt.

Something delicious

Everyone knows preparing and eating fun foods like pizza, hamburgers or ice cream is a prize in itself. That’s why we’ve added it to our prizes: nice and easy!

Do it yourself

If you would rather give a more personalized prize, that’s no problem! You have the option to take a picture of your own, personal prize. Once the children get to the end of their treasure hunt, they will be shown a picture of the prize you’ve selected!

A fun finish

Depending on the prize, you can sometimes think of a fun end for the treasure hunt to match. If you want to treat your children to pancakes, why not set up the treasure hunt to end at the local pancake house?