On a treasure hunt together

We can try to explain why a treasure hunt with Troovie is so much fun but it’s much better to experience it! If you want to know about what you can expect, please read on below where we explain the most important points during a treasure hunt:

The start

Every adventure starts with a short video where the children are given a reason for the treasure hunt. The video is designed to stimulate the children’s imagination so that they feel involved in the story. Please see our trailers at the bottom of the page!


At the start of a treasure hunt there is always a short introduction where children are instructed on how to use the little device they’ve found. It’s super easy so within 30 seconds they’ll be on their way.

Follow the arrow

In whatever direction children will end up walking, they are always pointed back into the right direction with the arrow on screen. If they miss a destination, the arrow will point them back to where they need to go, taking the wrong direction is impossible!


If children cannot pass a road due to road works or if they encounter a closed bridge that they need to cross, there’s always the ‘help’ option to fall back on. It will appear automatically if too much time passes to find a location or if the ‘help’ button is pressed.


While children are on their way, they are guided by the app. It tells them when they are heading in the right direction, what they are supposed to do or what they can expect ahead. This is done using fun animations and audio.


When you’ve reached a destination point on your route, it is time to search. With the camera turned on, children are asked to look around. They have to search and find all sorts of objects that appear to be floating around them.


Sometimes, assignments will need to be completed to advance to the next point on their map. This could be a time-trial, playing a silly game together, answering a challenging question or taking a cool picture. Everything matches the adventure they are playing at that moment.

The prize

All assignments have been completed, points found and objects caught? Then, it is time to find the prize! If you’ve chosen the trophy, children can take a cool picture with it but you can also surprise them with your own prize, of course. There’s something for everyone.

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