Create your own treasure hunt?

You can create a treasure hunt wherever you want: at home in your own neighbourhood, in the park or even create a fun route to the supermarket. It’s super simple and takes no time at all. Choose one of our crazy cool adventures and five minutes later you’re already outside, playing on your mobile or tablet.

Choose and adventure

With Troovie, you can turn your own treasure hunt into a real adventure. Just choose which adventure you want to go on this time. Let’s go outside and catch some monsters with Professor Melty. Show everyone you’re a real monster hunter, catch them all! Or, join Captain Jack McTroovey on his quest for the secret treasure but beware of Balthazar and his band of robbers!

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Create a route

Creating a route is easy and can be done anywhere, at the push of a button! Use the Troovie map and plot the most fun, challenging and exciting route, wherever you want. Start right outside of your doorstep, the park or turn a walk to the supermarket into an adventure.

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Create assignments

Every fun treasure hunt consists of super cool, silly and challenging assignments! Because it is not easy to think of assignments, Troovie has already done that for you. With our ready-made assignments, your treasure hunt will be chock-full of fun mini games, in no time! If you’re creative and full of ideas, you can easily create and add your own!

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Select a prize

The treasure hunt is an awesome experience on its own but adding a fun prize is the cherry on the cake. A hidden treasure full of candy or choosing what’s for dinner that night, with Troovie you can select your own prize, choose one of ours or award the trophy.

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Try the Troovie treasure hunt

It is hard to explain in words how much fun Troovie is to play. It’s much better to experience it for yourself. If you do want to know what you can expect, please read on.

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